oaww fuck i just remembered that lamingtons exist


what if a ghost is screaming into your ass right now


"time to do some social justice education by role playing as wario" has been someone’s life for like nearly six months

The rape of men



Men can not get raped. I’m sorry to all the people that love a good argument. Come bitch me out but I don’t think it is technically possible, and I think alot of men would agree with me. It’s not even that their dicks can get hard but it’s first of all drugs and alcohol don’t count. Cuz I know alot of guys that wake up regretting a girl they fucked the night before but they get over it. In rare cases, I’m sure rape is possible… but you can’t compare it to the rape culture of woman or even consider it an issue.

Rape is having sex with someone without their consent. Why can’t that happen to men? 

anyone can be raped and it is always an issue. also this is cissexist as fuck

karz4kidz replied to your photoset “hutton and i accidentally cosplayed as the slounge couches today”

your outfit is so cute (i could have said this on facebook but i have facebook anxiety)

thank you :3 idk if i like it though




*straight people voice* is he… you know…

Oh sure it’s ok for a gay person to make fun of straight people but if it’s the other way around its homophobic and bigotry

Yes, that is correct

punnoying replied to your post: can you have breakfast juice in the ev…

no its against all known laws. throw yourself in jail you sick fuck

*walks charlie brown-style into jail cell*

can you have breakfast juice in the evening? please respond quickly; i have a glass of breakfast juice in my hand and my mouth is very, very dry


shoutout to me for still not having my driver’s license

spanishflee999 replied to your photoset “hutton and i accidentally cosplayed as the slounge couches today”

i literally walked past the slounge today but didnt bother checking because it’s holidays i’m so pissed

we saw you and hid


soon i will have to pay rent and food and INTERNET AND IM NOT READY FOR THAT

mcdonalds are 24 hours and they have free wifi you could probably just live there

babies are a myth